Dynamic Checkout

Dynamic Checkout is a powerful feature MoneyHash offers, designed to empower merchants to customize their checkout experience. With Dynamic Checkout, you can select which payment methods to display and how they are presented to your customers. This section will provide a step-by-step guide on configuring Dynamic Checkout for your MoneyHash account.

Accessing Dynamic Checkout in the dashboard

To access the Dynamic Checkout feature, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Navigate to Payment Flows in the Routing & Optimization section.

  2. Select the specific payment flow you wish to edit.

  3. Inside the chosen flow, navigate to the Dynamic Checkout tab.

Managing your Dynamic Checkout

Within the Dynamic Checkout tab, you will find an overview of your current checkout setup and a list of all available payment methods linked to your account. Here are some key actions you can perform to tailor the checkout experience:

  • Re-arrange Payment Method Selectors: You can change the order in which payment method selectors appear. Hover over the dotted icon and drag and drop them in your preferred order.

  • Enable/Disable Payment Methods: Toggle the switch button on or off for each payment method to control which ones are displayed to your customers.

  • Add triggers to a Payment Method: MoneyHash allows you to customize, based on conditions when a payment method will appear. You can define Amount, Currency, Country, or Custom Fields conditions.

Custom fields condition

This condition will be triggered based on the custom fields you define at the intent creation. To understand about the custom fields option refer to the Advanced payment cycles page.

  • Customize Payment Method Appearance: Select a payment method and customize its appearance by uploading a logo, modifying button text for different languages, and adding a hint to your customer's reading.

  • Adding a custom button: You can enhance your checkout experience by adding a custom button. Configure the button's appearance, text, and functionality to meet your needs.

Saving and publishing changes

To ensure your configurations take effect, remember to save your changes following these final steps:

  1. After adjusting the Dynamic Checkout experience, Save Your Changes.

  2. To activate the changes on your account, Publish your changes.

This feature can provide your customers with a tailored and efficient checkout experience.