Payment Links

MoneyHash simplifies the process of accepting online payments by offering the creation of payment links, one-time invoices containing essential product details and payment information. These links can be used for various purposes, such as purchasing products, services, or making donations.


The Payment link will apply your brand settings, including the logo, brand name and the brand colors.

Payment link functionalities

MoneyHash provides two key endpoints to manage payment links: one for creation and another to track the current status of each payment link.

Using a payment link

Payment links eliminate the need for standalone websites or applications to accept payments or sell subscriptions. Each link is associated with a specific customer within MoneyHash, ensuring only the designated customer can utilize the link.

With the Create Payment Link endpoint, you can choose whether the
quantities of items in the checkout are adjustable or fixed. This decision is made through the quantity_type parameter, which offers two options:

  • FIXED: Set quantities for each item.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Permit customers to select the quantity of each item they desire to purchase, with a maximum limit of 99.


You can create and manage payment links through MoneyHash's dashboard as well.

Taxation Integration

Each payment link automatically incorporates taxes into the final amount, enabling customers to purchase items with the applicable taxes included based on your configured account settings. To update tax information:

  1. Go to the Accounts tab within the Settings section of the dashboard.
  2. Select the account you want to update.
  3. Modify the Tax Number or Taxes:
    • Tax Number: Fixed amount to be taxed.
    • Taxes: Percentage of tax to be applied.

Share your Payment Links

Easily distribute your payment links by sharing the unique URL generated by MoneyHash for each link you create. Copy this URL and disseminate it across multiple communication channels, including email, messaging apps, social media, and any other platforms used to engage with your customers.

Customers can choose their payment method according to the specified amount and currency regulated by the default account settings and checkout configurations.