The Sandbox feature is a powerful tool for simulating all API functionalities, providing a safe and controlled space to test and experiment with our APIs. Here's a breakdown of how the Sandbox is structured:

  • Setup: The header configuration of the request.
    1. Account: The account to use during your test.
    2. API Key: The API key connected to the chosen account. You can select between Live and Test keys. Be sure to select the one that fits your scenario.
  • Scenario: The situation you desire to simulate.
    1. Type: The type of request you want to try. E.g., payments, transactions, accounts.
    2. Scenario: A pre-configured scenario for test purposes created by MoneyHash to help your experience.
  • Inputs: Add-on options based on each individual scenario you select. You can select and paste the selected option in the payload.
  • Payload: This area displays a sample payload specific to the selected scenario. It provides you with a clear representation of the data that will be sent when making API requests.
  • Endpoint: This field allows you to see the destination to which your payload will be sent.
  • Parameter: A new field will appear below the endpoint when the request selected requires more information.


The Sandbox includes default demo account keys, making it easy for you to simulate the full API cycle. However, you also have the option to use your own account keys for testing, allowing you to simulate your specific use case and configurations.

Viewing Scenarios and Responses

Once you've made your scenario selections, you'll encounter two types of responses that you can examine and interact with:

HTML Embed Page

Depending on your chosen scenario and request type, you'll gain access to an HTML page that showcases the response. This page can be effortlessly embedded into your application, providing a realistic simulation of user interactions.

JSON Response

Pay close attention to the JSON response for scenarios, especially those involving pure API requests. This response offers insights into the outcomes of your simulated scenarios, enabling you to assess the results accurately.

The MoneyHash sandbox feature is your playground for testing and experimentation, ensuring seamless and reliable integration with our APIs. Whether you're fine-tuning scenarios or analyzing responses, our sandbox provides the tools you need to validate your implementation thoroughly.