This section presents the integration methods MoneyHash made available to you. In addition, this section provides guides to help you choose the ideal connection option for your business and how to perform the integration process successfully.

You will find an overview of the integrations and their difference on this page. The aim is to assist you with choosing the one that best suits your case. You can also check the required stages to complete the integration process with MoneyHash.

MoneyHash integration scenarios

Before presenting the methods to integrate with MoneyHash, we would like to share scenarios to help you choose between the options available. Below, you find scenario descriptions and the recommended integration option.

Scenario descriptionPCI compliance requiredRecommended integration
Quick, resource-efficient integration without customizing the checkout process.Hosted Page
Fast integration without necessarily redirecting customers to different pages.Embedded
Consistent integration for web and mobile with a similar development experience for all platforms.SDKs
Additional control and customization over the checkout process.External API
Full control for a highly customized checkout user experience.Direct API

Scenarios and integrations

The recommendations for each scenario in the above table are not mandatory. When using MoneyHash you have complete control over the integration option for your business. The recommendations provided are based on previous merchants experience. They are intended to help new merchants who need clarification on what is best for their business.

If you're unsure which integration is best for your business, you can check each option description next on this page, contact our support team, or use the documentation chatbot.

Integration options

MoneyHash offers multiple ways to integrate its services into your system. Below, you can find details about each option and understand their differences.

The table below summarizes the differences between all MoneyHash integration options.

FeatureHosted PageEmbeddedSDKsExternal APIDirect API
Requires API Calls
Can Update Custom Fields
Customized Method Selection
Customized Card Form
Customized Success and Failure Screens
Customized Expired and Closed Screens
Supports Native Pay (GooglePay, ApplePay)

Intent creation

In MoneyHash, every payment starts with an intent. With the integration choices you have, the glossary:HPP is the only one that you are not required to make an API call to create the intent yourself.

Integration stages

Below, we list the steps you need to take to integrate with MoneyHash.

  1. Choose the integration option that best fits your business.

  2. Follow the required steps presented in this documentation to integrate correctly.

  3. Test your integration to avoid future problems.

  4. Configure a way to receive notifications from MoneyHash. You have two options:

    • Webhooks: Receive on-time notifications of every event on a URL defined by you.
    • Redirects: Give MoneyHash the power to redirect your customer directly to your desired page for each event that may happen.

Notification recommendation

MoneyHash recommends you to set up one of the notifications options for every integration you might choose. The only exception is when using the HPP integration, but in this case you can access the information though the MoneyHash dashboard. Webhooks and Redirects are the only ways to be notified when MoneyHash is handling the payment process. Without these option configured, your application will not be capable of knowing about your customers actions.