Manage Plans

Plans are the foundation to offer subscription services to your clients. Offering subscription plans is an effective strategy for customer retention and generating recurring revenue for your business. On this page, you find a guide regarding managing subscription plans on MoneyHash.

Setting up a subscription plan with MoneyHash

When introducing a new subscription offering to your customers, the initial step involves creating a tailored plan within MoneyHash to facilitate seamless customer enrollment.

To initiate the process, use the Create a plan endpoint, which allows you to establish a new plan with personalized features, defining an amount and the currency to begin tailoring each plan to your needs. Ensure the provision of necessary data to customize the plan according to your specific business requirements.

Plan personalization

To create subscription plans that fulfill your needs, MoneyHash provides several options that you can configure when creating the plan, including:

By carefully configuring these parameters, you can craft subscription plans that align precisely with your business model and offer an outstanding experience to your customers.


You can create and manage subscription plans through MoneyHash's dashboard as well.

Subscription Models with MoneyHash Plans

When leveraging MoneyHash plans, you have the flexibility to tailor various subscription models to suit your business needs. The two primary models are the Pay-Up-Front and Free Trial models, each offering distinct advantages. Additionally, you can further customize these models based on specific configurations.

Pay upfront Model

In the Pay-Up-Front model, you gather payment details and initiate the charging process before granting customers access to your service. Following the initial charge, customers are billed consistently at fixed intervals for continued access to the same service.

Free trial Model

The Free Trial model grants customers access to your service for a predetermined duration before initiating charges. After the free trial period, customers will be billed regularly until the conclusion of the subscription plan. This approach lets users experience your service before committing to a paid subscription.

Manage Plans

Effectively manage your plans using either the dashboard or API. Use the GET method to list all available plans or retrieve details of a specific plan.

List plans


Retrieve a comprehensive list of all the plans you have created.

Retrieve plan details


Access detailed information about a specific plan.

Customer subscriptions

Upon creating a subscription plan, seamlessly subscribe customers to it. Refer to the Manage Subscriptions page to understand how to create a new subscription for each customer.