Provider Sandbox

The Provider Sandbox is a test environment that some of the available providers in MoneyHash offer. The Provider Sandbox enables you to execute test situations to verify if the connection with the provider is working properly. The MoneyHash side of this test situation will work as if it were a real transaction, given that the simulation is entirely on the providers' environment.

Enabling Provider Sandbox

If the provider offers a Sandbox or Test environment, the MoneyHash dashboard will display a toggle button labeled Use provider sandbox. By enabling this toggle, your new connection to the provider will exclusively utilize their sandbox environment, guaranteeing a secure testing environment.

In this scenario, MoneyHash acts as an intermediary, forwarding your requests to the provider's sandbox environment. The provider's sandbox environment responds to MoneyHash, which then relays the response back to you.


Remember, using a provider sandbox environment, means that you will be operating in Live Mode from MoneyHash's side, as this is a sandbox only on the provider's point of view.