MoneyHash offers diverse payout solutions designed to facilitate paying your customers through various payment methods. Our platform ensures secure and efficient payout processing, guaranteeing successful asset transfers from a Merchant account linked to a Payment Provider to individual customers.

This guide is tailored to walk you through the process of performing payouts for individual users. If you require multiple payments at once, the Bulk Payouts solution allows up to 1000 payments to be made simultaneously. For more information, visit the Bulk Payouts page.

Payout Intents

Similar to payments, performing payouts in MoneyHash revolves around the concept of intents. Refer to the Payment Components page to better understand intents and their statuses.

Initiating Payouts

The initiation of every payout begins with the Payout Intent Creation. Customize each payout according to your specific requirements using available parameters. This process allows you to pay an entity a designated amount or enable customers to withdraw funds stored in their MoneyHash wallets.

Payout Amount Information

Providing either the amount or max_payout_amount is mandatory to prevent errors:

  • Amount: Specifies the fixed payout value for the customer.
  • Max Payout Amount: Allows customers to select their desired payout within the limit defined by you.

Leveraging Customer Wallets for Payouts

Enable convenient access to customer funds by integrating the payout functionality with their wallets. Activate this feature by setting the use_wallet flag to true while including the customer's identification during payout intent initiation. Following these parameters ensures a smooth withdrawal experience directly from their wallets.

Closing Payout Intents

For situations where a customer doesn't proceed with a payout or for other reasons, the option to close the payout intent is available. This action can be performed on any intent, not in a PROCESSED status. Use the Close Payout endpoint, replacing the intent_id parameter with the actual intent's ID.

Bulk Payouts

MoneyHash's API simplifies the scheduling of payouts for multiple clients, eliminating the need for manual entry. Refer to the Bulk Payouts page to understand how to leverage this feature effectively.