Pay with a Payment Flow

In MoneyHash, you can create payment flows for each individual scenario you might need. You can learn more about creating these flows in the Payment Flow section of the documentation.

This page will teach you how to use the payment flows you create, as you might need to steer your customer's payment to certain scenarios.

Using a Flow

To start, you will create an intent using the Create Intent endpoint:


By adding the following field to the payload, you inform MoneyHash of the payment flow to steer the customer's payment to:

amountNumberThe amount to charge in the payment process.
amount_currencyStringThe currency of the amount is represented by a string of alphabetic codes from ISO 4217 Currency codes.
webhook_urlStringA URL that the MoneyHash server will send a POST request to you when needed.
flow_idStringThe unique identifier of the flow you wish to use for this intent. You find the id to copy in the Payment Flows page of the dashboard.

Published flow

To use a payment flow, please make sure that you already published it.


In contrast to other transaction types, when you use a Payment Flow operation, you shouldn't inform the operation.

  "amount": 50,
  "amount_currency": "usd",
  "flow_id": "VglRW9x",
  "webhook_url": ""


To use a flow_id you can not send the operation type parameter, as the flow will already determine the type of operation.

From here, you can proceed with any integration except the HPP one.

Keep track of the webhook endpoint you sent within the request to see the progress of the payment process.