MoneyHash presents you with distinct environments for ensuring your integration is safe. Those are our Test Mode and the Live Mode.

Provider's test environment

As mentioned, some providers provide sandbox solutions to test their application before you perform real operations. To access the provider's test environment, you need to have a provider's registered account and use MoneyHash Live Mode. In addition, we recommend you finish the integration with MoneyHash before starting the integration of providers and usage of their sandbox solution.

You will use the provider's test environment to ensure your integration with the provider is correct and safe and that the operations behave as expected. From MoneyHash's perspective, this is a true connection, and we operate as we would in a real transaction. The fake data of operations using the provider's sandbox will be only on the provider's side.

Live Payment Integration

After experimenting with MoneyHash's Test Mode and trying out your selected provider's sandbox environment in Live Mode, you will be ready to execute your business's real transactions with genuine connections and information. This will have a tangible impact on financial exchanges.

Set Up your Environment

Before you dive into testing, ensuring you're set up correctly within the MoneyHash sandbox is crucial. This step will guide you through the necessary actions.

Obtain Your API Keys

To retrieve your API key, you can access the dashboard or directly request it via the API using the Get account details endpoint.

When you retrieve the API key, you'll encounter two distinct options:

If you're in the exploratory phase, you can use the test key already available in our Sandbox feature. It's preconfigured with various scenarios.