What is MoneyHash

MoneyHash is an innovative payment infrastructure that serves as a Super-API for managing payments and revenue operations in emerging markets. With our platform, you can easily integrate your network of pay-in and pay-out providers and other related services to build a customized payment stack.

Core Features

  • A single API/SDK integration for handling your payments.
  • Unified checkout experience compatible with all integrated providers.
  • Orchestration and routing capabilities to allow for optimal transaction routes and to increase authorization rates.
  • Micro-services to extend your stack capabilities, such as subscription management, invoicing, and payment links.
  • PCI-compliant card vault to store and tokenize sensitive customer and card information.
  • Central Dashboard to view all your payments from all providers, for controlling your business and handling reports.


  • Reduced complexity: MoneyHash combines multiple payment integrations into its Super-API, making it easier for businesses to accept and send payments worldwide.
  • Increased flexibility and control: MoneyHash allows businesses to choose the best payment providers for their needs and to route transactions through different providers based on cost, speed, and reliability.
  • Improved performance: MoneyHash can help businesses improve payment authorization rates and reduce transaction failures.
  • Reduced costs: MoneyHash can help businesses save money on payment processing fees by enabling you to route each payment to your preferred payment providers and negotiating lower rates with said providers.

Next step

The first step we suggest you take is to quickly set up your account and make your first payment, which is explained in the First Steps page. This will help you become familiar with MoneyHash and understand our concepts before integrating our Super-API with your system.