MoneyHash provides an easy and interactive way to start using its solutions, as shown on the First Steps page. However, to take full advantage of MoneyHash, you need to have a deeper understanding of existing features and the related concepts.

To help you better understand MoneyHash, we present the essential core concepts in this section. If it is your first time here, we suggest you consume the pages in the presented order.

  • Organization & Account: An Organization represents your company, and an Account is a module that helps you organize your payment stack according to your business requirements. Learn how to take full advantage by understanding how it works inside our solution.
  • Providers: Providers represent the provider connections between MoneyHash and your providers, using your credentials, allowing you to access and control the providers' payment methods. Learn how to access and connect to providers & payment methods and their characteristics.
  • Payment Defaults: Payment Defaults is a solution you can use to define which provider will be used to process a payment. It is how you control which provider payment methods will be the default for each of the currencies in your accounts.
  • Payment Components: MoneyHash uses the payment intent, or simply intent, concept to manage the payment process. Here, we will explain the relations between intents, transactions, operations, and statuses.
  • Environments: MoneyHash offers two environments, Test Mode and Live Mode. In addition, we explore the option that some providers offer to use their sandbox to perform tests.
  • Sandbox: MoneyHash offers a sandbox feature in our Dashboard. Learn more about how it works and what every detail means.