The Providers are gateway connections that enable your business to provide different payment options to your customers. You have checked the steps and connected your first provider using the First Steps guides. On this page, you find complementary information regarding the providers.

Provider details

When you access the Providers tab on the MoneyHash dashboard and select the All Providers option, you find a list of all existing providers connected to MoneyHash. On each provider's card, you find a summary of its country coverage and supported payment methods. By clicking on Learn more, you'll have access to the entire list of supported countries, methods for pay-in and pay-out, and supported capabilities.

On the provider details page, you can:

  • Click Register to access the provider's registration portal.
  • Check the coming soon payment method capabilities for that provider.
  • Filter payment methods by country by clicking on the desired country.

Connecting to providers in Live Mode

While using MoneyHash in testing mode, connecting to a new provider will not require you to have a registered account on the provider's system. It happens because MoneyHash uses a simulator for operations in Test Mode. As a result, your operations aren't sent to the provider server. If you aren't familiar with the existing MoneyHash environments, check the Environments concept page.

When you change to Live Mode, all connections to providers require an existing registered account, you will need to provide real credentials to finish the connection. To help you, MoneyHash provides instructions regarding the required process to acquire the credentials information on the provider's dashboard page.

How to connect a Provider

Refer to the Connect Providers page to see a full step-by-step guide on how to connect new provider within MoneyHash.

Live Mode and provider sandbox

MoneyHash employs a three-phase approach to integrate a new provider:

  1. Testing Phase: Initially, you utilize the Test Mode environment to familiarize yourself with MoneyHash's integration process. During this phase, you'll use dummy data to establish provider connections.
  2. Live Mode with Provider's Sandbox: After successfully navigating the Testing Phase, you'll change your account to Live Mode on the dashboard. You need to provide real information to connect with the provider at this stage. Some providers offer a sandbox environment, allowing you to test processes like payment creation and capture. MoneyHash acts as an intermediary, forwarding your requests to the provider's sandbox environment, which responds to MoneyHash before relaying the response back to you.
  3. Live Payment Integration: In the final phase, you continue using Live Mode but now to execute real transactions. This stage involves real data for payments, resulting in actual financial transactions and cash movement within the system.

To change between Provider's Sandbox and Live Payment, access the provider's connection page on the MoneyHash dashboard using the Live Mode and toggle the button. Notice that not all providers provide a sandbox environment.