Next Steps

MoneyHash provides several features and solutions to improve your clients' checkout experience. After learning the essential steps to create an account, connecting to a provider, and creating a payment, it's time to go forward to better understand the tools and solutions MoneyHash supplies. This page lists the next steps you need to take to fully understand and integrate MoneyHash with your application.

Core concepts and API integration

Now that you already created your first payment with MoneyHash, you're ready to understand the concepts that define how MoneyHash works and the integration process. We recommend you start with the core concepts and then learn about the integration process:

  • MoneyHash concepts: This section will describe the core concepts you need to understand for a smooth integration experience. Understanding these concepts will help you answer many questions and will be very helpful in making architectural decisions on your side of the integration.
  • Integrate to MoneyHash: This section will present all the integration options available and guide you in choosing the best option to integrate MoneyHash into your system.

Further steps

After you're familiar with core concepts and have finished the MoneyHash integration, it's time to know all the other solutions MoneyHash provides. You find below a list of options for the next steps you can take after finishing the integration. There isn't a right order to go through the following topics, depending on your needs.

  • Payments: We provide step-by-step guides on executing existing processes when working with MoneyHash, such as dealing with pay-ins and pay-outs, as well as the steps to connect to providers.

  • Routing and optimization: Learn how flows and routing work on MoneyHash and how to use them to define rules to process your payments.

  • Operations and billing management: MoneyHash provides solutions for subscriptions, invoices, and payment links. Access this section to learn how to use these functionalities.

In case you didn't find the solution you're looking for, get in touch with our support team.

MoneyHash's documentation is continually updated to assist you in utilizing both new and existing features.