Payment Webhook

This page serves as a guide to help you understand how MoneyHash's Webhooks work and how they can assist you with payments using the various integration options available.

To check how the webhooks work, you need to create an intent, either following our guide or using our sandbox:

When creating an intent, you must provide a webhook_url to which MoneyHash will send notifications at every step of each customer's payment process.

Exploring MoneyHash's Webhooks

We recommend you use our Sandbox feature to explore each situation in which you will receive a notification. In addition, you can use to receive and check the notification's content.

To explore how Webhooks work, let's create a simple example with MoneyHash's Sandbox to understand better what happens in a successful payment scenario.

  1. Access the Sandbox feature.
  2. Select a scenario, you can use the basic embed one, which is the default when accessing the Sandbox feature.
  3. Replace the webhook_url at the payload with yours. Use the solution to acquire a URL and further check the Webhooks notifications. You can use other solutions as well.
  4. Submit the request.
  5. With the embed experience on the Sandbox, proceed with a successful payment while accompanying your page.

You may have noticed that you received two different webhooks on page. To distinguish them, check the JSON of each notification and look for the type. The first webhook should be a transaction.purchase.successful event, indicating that the transaction was successful. The second webhook should be an intent.processed event, indicating that the intent was processed. In MoneyHash, the intent associated with this transaction moves from UNPROCESSED to PROCESSED.

What this means?

The goal of the simple example above is to present that with every step taken on a payment, you will be notified through one of our webhook events whenever a status changes. Everything that happens inside the payment, belonging to the intent, transaction, card token, or even the customer entity itself, you will be notified to allow you to handle each situation better as your business sees fit.

You can perform other payment types or operations to explore the Webhooks notifications further. Access the Different Webhooks on MoneyHash to learn more about the different webhooks.