Hosted Payment Page

MoneyHash provides a Hosted Payment Page (HPP) experience. You can create an HPP in the dashboard and use the URL to redirect users to perform the payment. You can think of HPP as a way of creating payment intents using only URLs from the MoneyHash Dashboard.

An HPP is great if you want to use MoneyHash payment services without any API integrations. It can be embedded in any website, and your customers can start paying through MoneyHash instantly.


Below, you will find all you need to do before integrating to MoneyHash with HPP:

  1. Get Started with MoneyHash to get access to your own Organization.
  2. Create an Account within your Organization.
  3. Connect providers to your new Account.
  4. Set up your Payment Defaults.

Creating a HPP

The only way to use HPP is through the MoneyHash Dashboard. Follow the steps below to configure this integration.

  1. Navigate to Hosted payment pages under the Payments section.
  2. Click the "+" button on the top right side.
  3. Select an account to link the HPP you are creating.
  4. Fill in the required fields:
    • Name: add a name to the HPP.
    • Min Amount: Define the minimum amount for the HPP.
    • Max Amount: Define the maximum amount for the HPP.
    • Currency: Select the currency to be accepted by the HPP.
    • Success URL: add a URL to redirect the customer in case of payment success. You can change it later through the dashboard or the generated URL.
  5. Save your changes.

After successfully creating your HPP, select it from the table, and you can see the URL on the right panel. The URL will look like the following:

Using an HPP URL

After creating an HPP through the dashboard, access the details of your newly created HPP and copy the URL shown at the bottom. This URL will present you with theXX.XX in the place of the amount. You need to replace XX.XX with the desired amount for the payment.

Provide a valid amount

The XX.XX must be more than the defined in the HPP's Min Amount and less than the Max Amount as well. For example, if min_amount is 10, your minimal value must be 10.01, and if the max_amount is 100 your maximum value can be 99.99.

To start using the generated HPP, copy and paste the URL into a browser tab. After the page loads, you will notice that the URL page changes and will look like the one in the example below. The code at the end of the URL (gxYdYy2143) is the intent identifier automatically generated by MoneyHash.

Every time you use the HPP on a new browser tab, a new intent identifier is generated since MoneyHash understands that a new payment is being made.

Payment Methods

Based on the account linked to the HPP, the payment methods available for the customer through the link above will be all the active methods connected to this account. For example, if you create an HPP connected to an account that accepts only cards, when a customer opens the HPP, it will only offer the card as a payment option.


The connected account's default provider processes the payment from HPP. The payment method and currency determine the provider for each payment based on your Payment Default settings.

Success URL

Once the payment succeeds, the customer will be redirected to the Success URL defined when creating the HPP. However, if you want to define different success URLs based on different conditions, you can add a query parameter success_url in the URL generated from the dashboard, as in the example below.